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Lifetime is a corporate event photography company. Providing services as diverse as headshots to marketing campaign concepts.

lifetime is a corporate event photography company that specialises in diverse services such as headshots, marketing campaigns and more. They have experience working with events ranging from small business seminars to major public relations projects; all while maintaining their commitment towards customer satisfaction at every step of the process!

We have an extensive track record in working on multi-site supermarkets, PR photoshoots, events, conferences all over the country; our team’s expertise lies not only with technical know-how but also processes that will ensure your projects run smoothly without any hiccups or worries!

Whether it’s just party photography or a large scale marketing project Lifetime can help ensure the result you require is achieved, with professionalism, and fun.

High Quality Standards

We work alongside you and your team to provide a great first-time result, every time. Meeting before and after an event in order to discuss the results of our partnership is one of the ways we ensure 100% satisfaction.

Experienced Team

We are experts in all fields of photography marketing campaigns and general events. bringing outside people in when needed to enhance your experience even further.

Modern Business Solutions

Using the latest technologies and concepts we create a buzz at your events that ensure a great result every time.

Reporting - post event

We report on our activities for you so you know how successful our part of your project has been. this can include data, the number of people sharing photos etc for interactive events.

Fastest service

Images are returned to you that day.


Over 14 years of experience

Quality service

Quality photos, prints and products.


Professional attitude with a great fun element

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Why we are YOUR event photography solution providers

Lifetime Event Photography provides high impact photographer experts to assist your business

Whether it’s a corporate event or headshots for your business, Lifetime is the one company that can complete all these projects all over the UK and abroad. Book an event photographer who knows how to maximise the visual aspect of your events or business. All aspects of event photography covered:

  • Promotional photography (products, marketing, PR, and business promotional)
  • Onsite printing live at events with studios
  • Event Photography – From photo booths to grotto photography, We offer roaming photographers, onsite studios with printing, and photo booths, just to mention a few of our specialities.
  • Lifestyle/P.R. business branding photography for your business. From photography to videography (including drone photography) to capture and help you share your company profile to potential clients.
  • Concepts to marry the above services to your business goals, from promoting to PR.

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Our Event Photographer Services

  • Our services list is long and we have a e-brochure for you to look at te kind of things we do. as to how we use our services for your benefit is down to a discussion between us.
  • Here we can marry our services with your needs and produce an event service like no other.



We will contact you back ASAP, during business hours.

Outside of business hours, we will call you the next available morning.

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    Enabling social media engagement with your audience

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    Why Work With Us

    London Event photography - your event photographer

    Over 14 years of experience

    Bringing you the solutions and experiences you need from our media services.

    The management team has been in the event photographer game for over 14 years and has accrued contacts covering all industry sectors that we rely on to fulfill our designs and concepts.

    We have a sister company in Canada with who we work closely to produce international services and expertise.

    London Event photography - your event photographer

    Modern technology and techniques

    Utilising the best technology to provide fun interactive event photography to you.

    We employ and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies. This allows us to create services that give you an advanced quality and impact.

    From our photobooths to our drone work, we are ready to take on your greatest challenges.

    Your Event Photographer For Lifetime Event Photography

    Professional team

    Providing business solutions to you and your business’

    Your business is in great hands with us! We’re your one-stop shop for all things event photography. From managing the photoshoot, to bringing images from the camera onto social media–we’ve got you covered.
    In addition, we pride ourselves on our excellent staff; this means they represent you and your event to the best possible standards: professionally dressed, smiling faces conveying professionalism throughout every aspect of their work while looking good themselves!

    A proper way to do business

    – Let’s make great events together –

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    The need for event photography is undeniable. Whether you’re marketing your campaign or hosting a charity ball, effective images can help grow an audience by sharing the experience people have at these events with others more widely than just those in attendance!

    In need of a quote?

    Fill out our contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll reply ASAP.